systèmes innovant
systèmes innovant
Systèmes innovants de dilution portable et multiproduits Innovative dilution systems. Innovatives Dosierungssystem.
Systèmes innovants de dilution portable et multiproduitsInnovative dilution systems.Innovatives Dosierungssystem.

NOVADOZ, a young company based in Annecy (France) aims to provide users an innovative dosage in order to secure and simplify these operations

NOVADOZ designs and manufactures equipment to fit with three requirements :

Environmental Requirements:

  • Use of hyper-concentrated:
  • Reduction of transport
  • Reducing packaging
  • No over consumtion : no risk of effluent overdose.

Economic requirements:

  •   Elimination of stocks on each site (diffuse stock)
  •   No losses: the containers are within the mobile system.
  •   No over-consumptions.

Societal demands:

  •   No more contact with concentrated products
  •   Valuation of cleaning tasks by using a material with innovative design
  •   Saving time, effort and hardship.
  •   Simplification of work instructions.

SMD3 : First mobile dosing system available

3 products of your choice, customized dosages, for an eco-responsible use of cleaning and disinfection products


The SMD3 is a mobile system which creates a ready to use solution from any water line connection.

Satisfaction guaranteed thanks to its innovative design, unique comfort and ease of operation.

Ultra convenient with its automatic proposer dosing system and error free operation, it ensures a high level of protection to the users.

Developed and manufactured in France, the SMD3 provides a real solution to economical, social and environmental issues.

The system doses products for:

  • Cleaning or degreasing,
  • Disinfection
  • Renovation of any damaged area
  • Treatment of contamined media
  • Phyto treatment
  • Stripping

And is suitable for many sectors of activity:

  • Health institutions
  • Building and equipment rental business
  • Hotel and catering
  • Industry
  • Agriculture and agrifood
  • Retail

Technical description:

  • High level of autonomy: up to 1300 liters of ready to use solution
  • 3 concentrated products available
  • Automatic and reliable dosage
  • Controlled adjustment from 0.3% to 20%
  • Flow : 4 or 13 l/min
  • Different plugs to connect to any water network
  • Anti-pollution integrated system for drinking water network : European standard EN 1717
  • Tare weight : around 1 kg
  • Patent filed